The GlobeGoers Travel Presets Package

The GlobeGoers Travel Presets Package

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You guys asked for it…so here they are! We are so excited to finally release our first package of travel presets!

Take a look at the before and after pictures below to see the presets in action!

These are the EXACT presets that I (Desi) use to edit all of my photos. They work with a variety of different photos taken in unique locations and lighting situations. Since we travel full time, we constantly have different types of photos that require different types of presets, which is why we have so many! There are multiple presets for indoor lighting, shade, direct sun, and more.

SPECIAL GIFT FOR THE FIRST 25 OF YOU AWESOME PEOPLE: We really want to teach you how to use these presets, so after you purchase, we will personally send you an extra email with a link to a 20+ minute video where I will teach you exactly how to apply the presets, and all the extra adjustments that I do to get my photos the way they are. It’ll be as if you were standing right over my shoulder as I edit some of our photos. This is extremely useful in learning how to make your photos look the best and use the presets to their full potential :) Please remember that all photos are different and some will require more tweaking and adjustments than others.

*These XMP files are for Desktop and are NOT intended for Mobile*

* For use in Adobe Lightroom Classic *

These presets are intended primarily for RAW images, but will also work with JPEGs - you need an Adobe subscription to use these presets.

Your purchase includes:

  • Adobe Lightroom Classic CC Desktop Presets

  • 19 Presets in Total (16 for outdoor lighting and 3 for indoor lighting)


  1. Download the file and unzip the contents. Make sure to save or move the files to a location you will remember.

  2. Go to Lightroom > Preferences

  3. Click the "Preset" section at the top

  4. Click the "Show Lightroom Presets Folder"

  5. Ignore the folder it highlights, and instead go up to the Camera Raw folder and open it

  6. Open the Settings folder and copy your .xmp preset files into this folder

  7. Restart Lightroom or Lightroom Classic and the presets should be installed.


  1. Open Lightroom and click on PRESETS in the editing section.

  2. Click the “…”, select Import Presets, and select the .xmp files to import.

We want to thank you SO MUCH for all the support. We truly appreciate each and every one of you. If you have any trouble installing the presets, you can contact us at: and we’ll be there to answer any of your questions. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #ggpresets so we can check out your photos and share them on Instagram!

Please note that all sales are FINAL. 

Because of the digital nature of these products, no refunds will be given under any circumstances.

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