The GlobeGoers Mobile Presets Package

The GlobeGoers Mobile Presets Package

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Don’t have an Adobe Subscription? No problem! We are so excited to finally release our first package of MOBILE PRESETS, and guess what? You do NOT need an Adobe subscription to use them! Simply download the free Adobe Lightroom app on your smart phone, and you are good to go!

Take a look at the before and after pictures to see the presets in action!

These are the mobile versions of 10 of the presets that I (Desi) use to edit all of my photos. They work with a variety of different photos taken in unique locations and lighting situations. Since we travel full time, we constantly have different types of photos that require different types of presets, which is why we have so many! This package includes 10 total presets that work for bright sunny days, indoor, shade, direct sun, and more!

These presets are not necessarily a “one-click edit”. Please remember that all photos are different and some will require more tweaking and adjustments than others after applying the preset. :) Hint: Try adjusting the temperature and/or exposure after applying the preset.

*These DNG files are intended for use with the Mobile Adobe Lightroom App*

**These presets are not intended for use with the desktop version of the app (the XMP files similar to these presets +9 more presets are included in the desktop package)**

These presets are intended for both JPEG and RAW images, but they may work better with RAW files - you do NOT need an Adobe subscription to use these presets.

Your purchase includes:

  • Adobe Lightroom presest for your Mobile device (compatible with iOS and Android).

  • 10 Presets in Total (8 for outdoor lighting and 2 for indoor lighting)


  1. Download the ZIP folder and unzip the contents. (For iPhones, you may need to download iZIP to be able to unzip the files on your phone. Otherwise, you will first need to unzip the folder on your desktop and airdrop the files to yourself).

  2. (OPTIONAL) Open Adobe Lightroom and create a new library folder named “GG Presets” where you can store the new presets. This will help you keep them organized.

  3. Select to “add photos” to your library. The DNG files may show as blank/white/black photos with a small “DNG” symbol in the center. The photo image will not appear until you add them to Lightroom.

  4. The DNG files are basically JPEGs with all of the preset settings saved to them. To save these presets for easy access, open one of the DNGs (in Lightroom) and select “create preset”. (If you are wondering what to call your preset, our name for it can be found by selecting “edit” on the top left and scrolling to “info”). Select all check boxes and save the new preset.

  5. Repeat this process of opening the DNGs and creating a preset for all 10 DNG files.

We want to thank you SO MUCH for all the support. We truly appreciate each and every one of you. If you have any trouble installing the presets, you can contact us at: and we’ll be there to answer any of your questions. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #ggpresets so we can check out your photos and share them on Instagram!

Please note that all sales are FINAL. 

Because of the digital nature of these products, no refunds will be given under any circumstances.

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