About Your Hosts

Jared Burnham

Jared is the "man behind the scenes". In other words, Jared is the photographer taking most of the amazing photos that you see on Desi's Instagram. He also specializes in working with brands, managing funds, and communication. 

He quit his job to work full time creating content with Desi to pursue their passion for travel, and he hasn't looked back since then. 

Desi Moore

Desi is a US-based travel and lifestyle influencer/content creator. From 4k followers to over 16k followers in only 4 months, she has gained much experience and will answer all your questions from how to grow your personal brand to creating stunning content and editing like a pro.

Some of her previous experience includes work with well-known brands, such as Neutrogena, Booking.com, Aeropostale, Panama Jack Resorts, and various hotels and Airbnb Hosts.